1911 Business Directory listing towns in Pueblo County

Contributed by Joy Fisher


    A postoffice in Pueblo county, reached by stage from Graneros, on the
    D. & R. G. and C. & S. Rys., 5 miles.
    Population 23.

Duckworth J M, justice peace. 
Finlay W A, blacksmith. 
SCROGGS W C, postmaster and stationery.


    Small agricultural town in Pueblo county, 1 1/2 miles south of
    Avondale station on the A. T. & S. F. Ry.
    Population 150.
Colo Merc & Produce Co, general mdse.
Harrington Chas, billiards. 
Methodist Episcopal Church. 
Pontius J D, prin school. 
Smith A E, blacksmith. 
Swartz A M, hotel and livery. 
TAYLOR SAMUEL,  not public, postmaster, ins. 
Taylor-Finlan Merc Co. gen mdse, hay, grain and imp. 
White H T, physician.


    Summer resort and postoffice in Pueblo county, 28 miles southwest of
    Pueblo. Largest deposit of marble in the world nearby.
    Population 250.

Alta Vista Hotel.
Breeze The (w), F M Somers pub.
Cooper R F, blacksmith.
Curtis House, Mrs A A Curtis.
Davis House, Lottie Davis prop.
Davis R S, livery.
Davis & Keithley, nursery.
Davis-Vories Co, undertakers.
East Carl, saloon.
Elliott T J, stage line.
Hotel Antlers, Geo Barker prop.
Jennings C A, physician.
KEITHLEY M L, postmaster and agt Colo Telephone Co.
KEITHLEY & McKIBBEN, real estate and ins, books and staty, collections.
Klipfel Chas, freighter.
Langston E G, photographer.
Lytle F W, justice peace.
McElfresh 0 S, notary public.
Methodist Episcopal Church.
Patterson John, carpenter.
Rice T J, saw mill.
Sergent P D, taxidermist.
Somers F M, drugs, physician.
Somers Mrs F M, prop Somerset Rooming House.
Trainor Jas, groceries and meats.
Walker Roy, barber.
Walker R E, prin school.
Wilcox Milling & Lumber Co.


    Farming and stock raising town in Pueblo county, on the Missouri
    Pacific and Atchison, Topeka & Santa Fe Rys., 20 miles east of Pueblo.
    Population 25.

Cremer G L agt, Mo Pac Ry Co.
HENSLEY H H, agt A T & S F Ry, genl mdse, postmaster.
Rupp Josephine, prin school.
Sims B N, blacksmith.

    Postoffice and station on the D. & R. G. R. R., in Pueblo county.
    Population 15.

BARNARD F S, postmaster.


    Small cattle raising town, in Pueblo county, 24 miles west of Pueblo.
    Daily stages.
    Population 50.

Kearney A W, carpenter.
Lyttle Fred, justice peace.
ROPER LEE R, genl mdse and postmaster.


    Small town on the D. & R. G. and C. & S. Rys., in Pueblo county.
    Population 20.

EDSON WM, station agent, postmaster, mgr W U Tel Co.
Grout S S, prin schools.
Whitney L B, stage line.


    A small settlement in Pueblo county.
    Population 12.


    Country postoffice in Pueblo county, reached by stage from Lime and
    San Carlos.
    Population 10.

KINKEL MERC CO, W E Kiukel prop, genl mdse.
PHILLIPS D A, postmaster.


    Postoffice in Pueblo county, on the Denver & Rio Grande and Colorado
    & Southern Rys.
    Population 250.

Colorado Fuel & Iron Co, limestone quarries. 
Creedon M, boarding house. 
Jachetta & Nigro, genl mdse. 
QUINN T J, postmaster.


    A postoffice in Pueblo county, reached by stage from Fowler.
    Population 8.

SAUNDERS MRS S E, postmastr


    A postoffice in Pueblo county, reached by stage from Carlisle station on
    the D. & R. G. R. R.
    Population 50.

American Smelting Co, Pueblo Plant, Fire Clay Mine. 
Brooks & Son Geo A, charcoal. 
FINKE E H, postmaster & groc. 
Finke LeRoy, electrician. 
Finke Bros W C, carps. 
Frank George, transfer. 
Grant Mrs T C, dressmaker. 
Harvey J G, stone dealer. 
McKorkle Bros, stone quarry. 
Morton R E, blacksmith. 
Turkey Creek Stone Co, stone.


    Small town in Pueblo county, on the A., T. & S. P. Ry.
    Population 50.

CASTLEDINE W V, genl mdse, fuel, feed; postmaster and agt Postal Tel Co.
Methodist Episcopal Church.


    Postoffice in Pueblo county, on Missouri Pacific and A., T. & S. F. Rys.
    Population 25.

PECK L R, postmaster; general mdse and A T & S F agt


    Postoffice in Pueblo county 15 miles north of Pueblo on the C. & S. Ry.
    Population 12.

Hinckley & Hayhurst, grocer.
SUTHERLAND A E, postmaster.
Sutherland & Sutherland, hay, produce.
Wilcox G, agt A T & S P Ry.


    A new postoffice in Pueblo county.
    Population 10.

Couglin Miss Mary, school teacher
FEHR KATE M, postmaster.
Lytle Fred, justice peace.


    Postoffice in Pueblo county, 32 miles from Pueblo. Graneros the nearest
    railway point.
    Population 250.
    Altitude 6,500 feet.

Allison F K, livery and stage to Pueblo.
Allison Mrs F K, millinery and dressmaker.
Allison W H, barber, bakery.
Ashley H T, sawmill.
Benham F H, sawmill.
Carnahan H S, carpenter.
Congregational Church, Miss M A Brokaw pastor.
Consaul & Son J C. carpenter.
Crawford J J, blacksmith.
Ekern John, meat market.
Freeman D W W, physician.
Gleason M J, sawmill.
Gray Geo O, notary public and genl mdse.
Leavitt, livery.
Harris Mrs Lew, music teacher.
Idylwild, health resort.
McKinley Bert, livery.
Medill A T, justice peace.
Meredith M M, genl mdse.
Methodist Episcopal Church, Rev Hicklin pastor.
Moody Mrs W G, summer resort.
Mountain View Hotel, Thomas S Denbo prop.
New Love Mrs Esther, dressmkr.
Randolph J W, carpenter.
RUSK O A, postmaster.
Rye Stage Line to Graneros. Sarah Gray mgr.
Sears Mercantile Co. genl mdse.
Sibley Mrs, school teacher.
Snyder O H, physn.
Stilson H C, prin school.
Totten R A, poultry and eggs.
WEED J F, creamery, dairy and postmaster.
Wilson House, H H Wilson prop.
Woodmen Hall, Elmer Beecher mgr.
Young Hunt, livery.


    A postoffice in Pueblo county. 24 miles southwest of Pueblo.
    Population 8.

DIAMOND MARY M B, postmaster.
SITTON WM E, stock raiser.


    Town in Pueblo county, 15 miles west of Pueblo, on the D. & R. G. and
    A., T. & S. F. Rys.

AIKEN F W, postmaster and station agt.
Turkey Creek Stone Co.


    A post office in Pueblo county.
    Population 10.

MAYER G F, postmaster.


    A new postoffice in Pueblo county.
    Population eight.

BURSON JAMES, postmaster.
Carr Miss Etta, school teacher.
White Rock Grocery Co, Martin & Hilereth props.































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